Updated Rainberry Design

After purchasing Prusa i3-mk3 3D printer, I could now do more design iterations and improve the Rainberry camera case design further.

Both Pi Zero W and Pi 3 cases are improved with 3D printing tolerances for appropriate fits and top part radius. Additionally, a seal for power cable is now added to reduce water ingress from bottom part of camera.

A different glass of 18 mm and 1.5mm thickness is used in this design, as previous 17.9mmx1.2mm glass is now discontinued.

Updated Design Download Links

Overall dimensions of the Pi Zero W case

92mm x 67.5mm x 26mm

Rendering of Pi Zero W case

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Overall dimensions of the Pi 3 case

100 mm x 117 mm x 26mm

Rendered Images of Pi3 case

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3D Print Settings

  • Bottom part – 0.2 mm with supports and 20% infill
  • Top part seal – 0.2 mm and 20% infill
  • Seal – 0.2 mm and 20% infill
  • USB cable seals – 0.1 mm, 100% infill, slow speeds and supports

Pi Zero W case parts after 3D printing


Assembly Process shown for Pi Zero W

  1. Put O-ring and glass in the top part of the camera caseIMG_9438.jpg
  2. Put screws in the seal.IMG_9440.jpg
  3. Put seal on the top part of the case and screw it. While tightening screws, press the seal on the case slightly to compress the rubber seal down.img_9443.jpg
  4. Next, place Raspberry Pi Zero W in bottom part of case and tighten the mounting screws.img_9441-e1529179067883.jpg
  5. Place camera on the seal and tighten the screws. Put the cable through the opening and insert into Pi.IMG_9448
  6. Put top part and flip it over to put 4 screws in place.img_9449.jpg
  7. Put the USB seal upper and lower half. Tighten using M1.6 screws.img_9451-e1529179321960.jpg
  8. Finally put the screw in the mounting bracket in the caseIMG_9469

Part List

  • Parts from McMaster.com
    4-40 Thread, 3/4″ Phillips flat head, total 4 (91771A113) for case
    4-40 Thread, 3/16″, total 4 (91772A105) for Pi
    M2 Size, 5MM, total 4 (92000A012) for Pi camera. You can also use M2 if tight.
    M1.6 Size, 4MM, total 6 (92000A002) for glass seal and USB seal
    O-Ring, 13mm id, 1.5mm (5233T39) for seal
    O-Ring, 1.5mm, 1ft length (1187N11) for case and Shrink wrap (6855K14) for USB cable
  • Glass piece 18mmx1.5mm, from Aliexpress.com. Search for flashlight glass in aliexpress.com in case of problem.
  • Swivel mount from Videosecu with 1/4 inch threads

7 thoughts on “Updated Rainberry Design”

  1. Hello, I got the zerocam for this but that was obviously wrong of me. But i notice your camera has brown transfer cable but the original has white, so just wondered which camera you were using?

      1. Any chance I can get my hands on the STLs? I tried to purchase them from pinshape, but there is a problem with the site and it isn’t letting me buy it.

  2. Hello. Interested in your design, but it seems the second micro usb cannot be used, since the mounting hole is in the way.
    Would I be able to modify your design, i.e put this hole on the opposite side ? How difficult would that be ? TIA

  3. So i have another problem, the video is vertical like 1080×1920 instead of 1920×1080. Using Pi camera V 2.1? Any idea were i got it wrong, was thinking i could just turn the board 90 degrees but then the screw holes didnt fit.

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