Updated Rainberry Design

After purchasing Prusa i3-mk3 3D printer, I could now do more design iterations and improve the Rainberry camera case design further.

Both Pi Zero W and Pi 3 cases are improved with 3D printing tolerances for appropriate fits and top part radius. Additionally, a seal for power cable is now added to reduce water ingress from bottom part of camera.

A different glass of 18 mm and 1.5mm thickness is used in this design, as previous 17.9mmx1.2mm glass is now discontinued.

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Overall dimensions of the Pi Zero W case

92mm x 67.5mm x 26mm

Rendering of Pi Zero W case

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Overall dimensions of the Pi 3 case

100 mm x 117 mm x 26mm

Rendered Images of Pi3 case

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3D Print Settings

  • Bottom part – 0.2 mm with supports and 20% infill
  • Top part seal – 0.2 mm and 20% infill
  • Seal – 0.2 mm and 20% infill
  • USB cable seals – 0.1 mm, 100% infill, slow speeds and supports

Pi Zero W case parts after 3D printing


Assembly Process shown for Pi Zero W

  1. Put O-ring and glass in the top part of the camera caseIMG_9438.jpg
  2. Put screws in the seal.IMG_9440.jpg
  3. Put seal on the top part of the case and screw it. While tightening screws, press the seal on the case slightly to compress the rubber seal down.img_9443.jpg
  4. Next, place Raspberry Pi Zero W in bottom part of case and tighten the mounting screws.img_9441-e1529179067883.jpg
  5. Place camera on the seal and tighten the screws. Put the cable through the opening and insert into Pi.IMG_9448
  6. Put top part and flip it over to put 4 screws in place.img_9449.jpg
  7. Put the USB seal upper and lower half. Tighten using M1.6 screws.img_9451-e1529179321960.jpg
  8. Finally put the screw in the mounting bracket in the caseIMG_9469

Part List

  • Parts from McMaster.com
    4-40 Thread, 3/4″ Phillips flat head, total 4 (91771A113) for case
    4-40 Thread, 3/16″, total 4 (91772A105) for Pi
    M2 Size, 5MM, total 4 (92000A012) for Pi camera. You can also use M2 if tight.
    M1.6 Size, 4MM, total 6 (92000A002) for glass seal and USB seal
    O-Ring, 13mm id, 1.5mm (5233T39) for seal
    O-Ring, 1.5mm, 1ft length (1187N11) for case and Shrink wrap (6855K14) for USB cable
  • Glass piece 18mmx1.5mm, from Aliexpress.com. Search for flashlight glass in aliexpress.com in case of problem.
  • Swivel mount from Videosecu with 1/4 inch threads