Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer !

After waiting for two months and two weeks, I finally received the Prusa MK3 i3, fully assembled 3D printer. I always wanted to own a 3D printer to quickly test designs and print trending designs on Pinshape or Thingiverse or Myminifactory.

In the past, I used Shapeways and local 3D printing companies a lot for verifying the designs. My first 3D print was a dollhouse flower shaped fan and I was overjoyed after seeing the model in reality. However, it costs a lot of time and money, even for small parts when using 3D printing vendors. Iterations for parts with fitting take even more time and money. In short, I badly needed a printer to keep designing and testing new parts.

Initially I was not sure of amount of effort required in using and maintaining the 3D printer. Browsing through reddit/3Dprinting section, one can see a lot of posts highlighting issues faced by users and fixes from the community. On reddit, Prusa is always in top of the list of recommended printers. Other two printers considered by me were Lulzbot or Ultimaker. But finally placed an order for Prusa considering so many new features released last year, enthusiastic response from 3D printing community and large fan base of the printer.

Here are some snapshots of the printer from unboxing to some sample and cool prints from the

Yey finally here!


Printer came with a test print and calibration summary. It was very well packed and overall great job by packaging team.



Everything OK here check check…



Best part of the packaging was the Haribo candy, operating manual and toolkit required for printer. Sorry no picture of candies, kids and I ate them right away :).


I could print directly out of the box after cleaning the bed with iso-propyl alcohol cleaning pads. Prusa comes with sd cards with pre-sliced gcode files of various models which can viewed here. To start with I printed this Batrang.


Here is the calibration cube close up with 0.2 mm layer height. Print came out well with sharp corners captured.


Measurement in X direction.


Measurement in Y direction.


Measurement of height.


After this, I printed flurry of models for my daughter. Here is a cool print of musical note pendent.


A pencil and pen organizer to keep desk organized. It took four hours to print this but worth it.


Owl earrings came out neat.


When printing tiny parts, I found that it is best to reduce the print speed and use small layer height. Brims and supports help a lot for small model for better adhesion and avoid print failure.

On second day, I did face some issues with first layer adhesion. After digging through reddit, found that isopropyl alcohol (91%) and keeping filament dry was the best solution for most first layer adhesion problems. So immediate purchase after buying the printer was an airtight Sterlite container with seal and silica for keeping the filament dry. After that I faced no issues with first layer adhesion.

Only last remaining thing on wishlist is to purchase a strong and fire resistant enclosure.

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