Dollhouse Fan – 3D Print

My daughter asked me several times to create a dollhouse fan. In the past, I did use CAD software, but mainly for simulation and never created any complete product up to manufacturing. So this was a daunting task to create a small dollhouse fan right from scratch in CAD software.

CAD model of the assembled fan looked nice.


I printed the CAD model on Shapeways in flexible plastic (Nylon) dyed in Pink. For my daughter, Shalvi, everything has to be Pink. It was quite cheap, costing shipping more than 3D print.


When 3D print arrived, it looked really cool except the lots of powder left in the motor holder shaft. Obviously, I missed providing more than one escape hole for blowing the nylon powder. I cleaned up the remaining powder manually.

For motor, I used a nice and cheap helicopter rotor motor from It fitted perfectly to the designed motor holder. Motor wires were passed through the motor holder hollow pipe for connecting to a small battery cell. Hole in fan was smaller than designed in CAD, which came as a surprise. I tried drilling, but material was too tough for that. After repeated attempts, I was able to increase fan hole slightly and finally used gorilla glue to hold the shaft in place.

Here are some of the pictures after it arrived and assembled.

image (4) image (5)

image (3)

image (2)

Even with small battery cell, fan runs really fast. Next iteration will be to include even smaller battery and completely enclose the motor inside the motor holder. It was nice project for me to design for 3D print and assemble the fan.

If you like this work, please cast your vote for this fan for 3D printing competition on Instructables.


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