Starter Kit for Arduino

Which kit to start with Arduino ?

When searching for Arduino, I noticed that market is flooded with starter kits and it takes quite some time to find the good starter kit.

Ultimate Starter Kit from Vilros

I finally settled for the Ultimate Starter Kit from Vilros and sold on Amazon. This kit is a good value and comes with a very good tutorial book from the Sparkfun. In less than a day, I was able to do all tutorials covering LEDs, speakers, photo-diode and music. Except motors everything worked fine in this kit. Still it is a flimsy kit and Arduino UNO board does fit correctly in the plastic fixture provided with it.

Fritzing Creator Kit
This is an ultimate kit which I suggested to a Friend who bought it and used it for his kids. This kit comes with storage box and it is a great kit to start with Arduino. It does comes with book and contains even more items such as paper models of dinosaurs and robot. It is more fun and systematic kit especially for kids. Get it from Seedstudio website. Here is a video which shows the kit.